Schedule Announcement!

This years Highlarious Comedy Festival will take place April 20-22nd in celebration of hemp’s holy holiday 4/20.

Previously we’ve thrown the festival in August to coincide with Hempfest, an amazing event that celebrates marijuana and works to reform marijuana law in the US.

This year, I wanted to throw this festival earlier when it was a little colder and there’s more reason to be inside. Turns out competing with August weather in the PNW in addition to the worlds largest marijuana event isn’t the greatest idea.

Though I originally planned on having a gap year to put together something more polished, with the encouragement of friends, comedians who’ve done the festival and others I’ve decided to partner with the Eclectic Theater again to have the festival in a smaller, more intimate venue in the heart of Capitol Hill. I’m excited at what we’re putting together this year. The audience and the comedians are going to have a great time!

Every year that I’ve produced The Highlarious Comedy Festival I have made sure to have showcases for People of Color, Female Identifying and Queer comedians and their inclusion gives me a sense of pride.

This year, I am excited to announce that we will be welcoming back Minority Report from Portland (produced by Jeremy Eli) as well as again hosting LGBTHC and Mary Jane.

I think that especially now, with the current Commander-in-Chief along with his hateful rhetoric it is important to support POC, women and the LGBTQ community. The Highlarious Comedy Festival has always been inclusive and we remain committed to being a festival for everyone, even those who don’t smoke marijuana. With the smaller turn around time from August I was not sure that I could find the space, but the festival and myself were committed to make this work.

A new addition to the festival will be the Pre Roll open mic featuring a mix of local talent and festival comedians performing and working on jokes. Oh yeah, this show is COMPLETELY FREE TO ATTEND before the festival shows get going for the night at 8pm.

In addition to this, I’m pumped to add a Lit Up! to the mix. It’s a popular show format of a roast battle and I think it will be really fun for a late show.

The Dope Show is also back for a second year. This show has been killing it across Washington state and it’s only growing!

Tyler Smith created a hit when we made this one. Audiences everywhere are coming to see comedians perform a sober set, leave stage and get very, very high to come back on and try to perform again with hilarious results.

Along with these amazing shows are festival favorites Comics Sans Pants (get it, sans pants? No pants!) where comedians perform in various states of undress.

Bong Water featuring the foulest of mouths and jokes. Nerds Who Smoke catering the Catan fan crowd with jokes about dungeons, dragons and dank.

We’re going to close out the show with Feedback Encouraged, a completely improvised audience participation show where the audience is encouraged to interact with the comedians and get involved in the show!

Tickets for the festival will go on sale February 13th, 2017.

So here it is, your 2017 schedule for The Highlarious Comedy Festival!